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With pleasure we offer you both 'new' and 'gently used' products throughout our entire online store.

Hi, my name is Shirley and I started first with a brick and mortal store with the help of my Mother.

In 2006, we took off in a little city called Huntingdon in the state of Tennessee with a very challenging experience of opening a community store. You see, my Mother and I both were in college at the same time, but I had a burning desire to make a difference in our finances and a difference in the community of low income families -round about us which included me as well!. It started when a clothing store called 'New To You' gave my Mother bags and bags of clothes from clearance. Mother was gonna take them to a thrift store but I came up with a better idea. Later, bouncing the idea around with my friend, Habiba, she suggested the term 'Vintage'  which reflected used goods... and that is when VINTAGE RESALE PLUS was born. 

As a 'new business owner,' I was trusting GOD to show me the 'how to' and 'lead me' in the direction I needed to go. I knew already that was a people person and I also knew that I could sell. The thing that was against me as time moved on was my time and lack of funds to advertise. So, after four years of hard work, we did not have enough money coming through the door and not worthy of a loan, so we had to close the doors! However, there was also a matter of having to finish my college degree at another college which would take me out of the state of Tennessee to the state to Kentucky. The way I looked at it, the odds were against us to close the doors. None the less, I leaped in my mind with determination to reopen when I finished college as we both was getting our Bachelor Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences/Dietetics and I only had two more semesters to go. Hence, I packed up and stored it all in my home... a course all that I did not give away! So there were 'four years' of hard sweat, labor and determination but most of all...a great experience!

 (2006-2010) Your Go To Store For Great Deals!

       In 2014, My start to success!

It took some years but it happened...I reopened the store again! But fate would find me soon after and this time it was my husband.

I started up again in a very little city called Trezevant,Tennessee in October 2014. Peace and blessings to him, but by January 2015, my husband falls off a latter and after only 12 days, he died: Cracked his skull and following that, a Stroke. My heart is crushed and my mind struck and the store, well... back to the drawing board and not a chance to leap with a good start...dreading the question... Which way do I go now?

Picking up and Continuing to press towards the mark, the store had many repeat customers but not enough new ones and it was hard to turnover merchandise in such a small space. However, the store remained opened until January 2016 and then, I made a decision to move it to a larger city (Milan,TN). Funny thing is, while waiting for the new location to be ready about one week into the move, I got sick in February 2016! With the 'flu' and from there, two surgeries. It was months before I was able to get back into the swing of things! Help me laugh! Smiles.

So, here's 2017 and I believe that through my ambition and determination which drives me to be persistent, that I will succeed with this 'Online Store'... and that this is GOD'S way of saying...this is it!  This is it because everything's falling into place: both 'Gently Used' and 'New' Products selling on the internet, believe it or not...is working well, alone with, 'support' that strengthens my core!

None the less, there is you! I want to thank you for visiting my website, thus this 'ABOUT US' page... VINTAGE RESALE PLUS. I believe that you will be comfortable exploring your search and I hope that you find everything you are looking for. Please, by all means, when you are finished and are satisfied... invite your family, friends and love ones to receive the 'likes' and discounts that inspired you. Post if you will to your special Social Media sites and help give to your 'Special Love Ones' - A... Go To Store For Great Deals experience!

Enjoy shopping and come back again!

Below is the store in Trezevant with Mother as a model for how this dress is worn.

Nice on her isn't it!



This is my Mother, Ethel 

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For any questions or concerns, please contact us via Email at: info@vintagerplus.com

Shirley Powell-Green

Website at: https://vintagerplus.com/


August 2018 NEW LOCATION:

32 BROAD STREET   ATWOOD, TENNESSEE   38220    731-535-9664